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INFANTS: Energy busting disco based entertainment, expertly organised with brilliant games, wacky competitions and all their favourite music of course! The fun begins from the moment they arrive!

JUNIOR aged children will also enjoy the even higher energy disco experience, wonderful light show and special effects. Innovative competitions are added so they can get their breath back! This sort of childhood memory will be looked back on with great fondness in years to come.

From experience I know all schools are different and have their own running times. Depending on numbers, hall size and practicality, I am always more than happy to try and accommodate your requirements. By far the most popular format is the 90 minute disco with a short break in the middle. Combined schools can achieve excellent value with two discos back to back with a short break for a turn around between the two discos. If this is your first organised disco, why not have a look at my ‘Top Tips’ and make it totally stress free!

All School Disco’s come with full disco set-up with:

  • Professional  DJ equipment and sound system
  • Professional DJ with an enormous wealth of experience
  • Projected and laser lighting
  • Bang up to date chart music
  • Bubbles/Foam (and Fog if appropriate)
  • Fully Insured
  • DBS checked
  • Equipment PAT tested